Monday, December 1, 2008

Handy Product

At both my bathroom and kitchen sinks are individual bottles of
Jean Philippe’s No. 48 Wild Honey Hand Soap and Hand Cream.
I have fallen so under it's spell that I have even placed a bottle on my nightstand.

The sleek amber colored pump bottles sport an elegant apothecarically designed label that harkens back to the simpler time of duotone printing at 130 line screen. And to be honest it was the packaging that drew me to it in the first place. The soap isn’t harsh and both it and the hand cream have a mild fruity smell that doesn’t remind me of honey but is pleasant just the same. Before spying and purchasing it in a local 99cents store I hadn’t even seen or heard of the brand, but after using both for a week I returned to the store and purchased enough bottles to have back up in case I can’t find it again!

I on line researched both the lotion and the company that produces it and found items on line for CY$450.00(?? wonders if I can use debit card for better rate??heehee) and on Ebay for about $5.00. There were other fragrances available as well as shower gels, body scrubs and full body lotions but the wild honey hand soap and cream were the most appealing to me.

Let me know if anyone else encounters this company's brands. It seems Jean Philippe Fragrances also sells “alternative designer fragrances” and dollar store sales of their products are a regular part of their business sales (2002 notes on the company).

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