Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wading in the Scented Water

I dabble in mixing and using my own herb teas, tinctures and soaks and maintain a small collection of essential oils and dried herbs that I use in my kitchen witchery. Much of what I use I have I ordered from St. John’s Botanicals - http://www.stjohnsbotanicals.com/

I was introduced to this amazing supplier by my dear, old friend Bernie. Many moons ago she and her partner ran an amazing herb and apothecary store on 2nd Street in the East Village. The store is long gone but B’s lessons will always remain with me.

St. John’s Botanicals is located in Maryland and they offer the most amazing selection of organic and natural products for use in mixing and making your own health and beauty items. In addition to carrying dried organically grown herbs and hand made tinctures they also sell some amazing ready for use products. One of the items I love and buy is their Florida Water #1.

Florida Water #1 is a heavy bottomed cinnamon based floral scent that goes on light and lingers. In the hot summer months I fill and refrigerate a spritzer bottle with the water. A few sprays from the cold bottle refreshes even on the hottest day. During the winter a few cinnamon laced drops makes even the quickest hot bath a luxury and lightly spraying the scent onto the bedseets before crawling back into bed with the Sunday morning paper perks me up just long enough to finish the coffee and crossword before relaxing into a nap.(OK so I never finish the crossword)

I encourage you have a look at their web site and try as many of their wonderful things as possible. They also have a great catalog that I keep as a resource.


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