Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Luxury from the Inside Out

I spent the last 10 days wandering around and exploring Rome, which included stops in a number of wonderful stores and of course more than a few small purchases, some of which I plan on sharing with you dear readers. I found Rome both fascinating and educational, but rather than directly rolling out posts about what I bought and where you can buy it at this time I want to pause in the postings to discuss luxury.

I know to some the constant posting of beauty products and accessories can seem pretty shallow, especially considering the current worlwide financial situation. I want to assure you that this blog isn't and will never be about mortgaging your home in order to buy your next pair of shoes or a cream that promises to keep you young forever but costs more than a months rent. And it isn't just about what products you should buy and use, it is about stopping and considering the things that bring that bit of rest and respite from the demanding day to day. It is about giving your self a bit of luxury.

Luxury is a strange word. For most of us it conjures up images of extravagant spending, frivolous items that have no place in the lives we lead and prizes without of reach of our current life style, but true luxury has no price point or specific definition. True luxury is whatever makes you feel pampered and nurtured and good about your self. For most of us that means pausing in our day to perform some sort of beauty and health ritual that re connects us to our "true" selves. For some of us this can mean sharing a half an hour with a hot cup of tea and a magazine, wearing a face mask and deep conditioning our hair while we iron the clothes, dancing around with the vacuum in a pair of shoes we bought because we loved them not because they we had a specific use for them. Many of us find luxury in lying on the couch while the TV talks back to us, while wrestling around with the dog, kids or that special someone or while trying again and again to make that hobby a regular part of our life. For others it's just taking time to breathe in the quiet hour between dawn and the work day.

Whatever your definition of luxury is I am hoping that the things I share will encourage you to take give your self permission to consider what you need in order to fell pampered and nurtured and regardless of how you do it I encourage you to take some time each day just to appreciate you.

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