Monday, October 27, 2008

Sudsy Distractions

I haven’t been in an Old Navy in more than 2 years. The only reason I recently ventured into one was because I arrived at the Atlantic Avenue Mall in Brooklyn too early one Saturday morning in mid September and luckily for me they were opened.

I forwent the sale on summer bathing suits and light weight jeans and ignored the t shirt sale because I already have enough white tee shirts to last me at least 12 cups worth of coffee dribble and spills but my nose did bring me to their scent collection which was on sale for 50% off. I have to admit I was not impressed with their body sprays (too much alcohol in the smell) or body lotions (too synthetic smelling, like the scent would turn or disappear too quickly), but did find my self taken in by the packaging design of the line's soaps. I ended up purchasing two bars of tripled milled shea butter soap, one in island lime scent and other clean musk, for 2/$5.00. The scents of the soaps are sublime. The Island Lime is a mixture of sweet lime, coconut milk and fresh ginger and the Clean Musk combines white musk, cotton flower and cashmere fragrances. The milky white soaps leave your skin softer than I had expected and the soft smell lingers like a whisper. They aren’t organic and I am certain the scents are man made, but because they are so subtle I expect their potency to fade as did the summer.

I am sure Old Navy is no longer carrying this item but I am hoping this post will encourage you to pick up soaps and other toiletries in stores not known for such things because you never know what you will find and fall in love with, even if it only lasts a short season

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