Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shopping Spots Worth the Tip - Soap & Iron Fairies

By now everyone knows I have a thing about soap. I have always wanted to learn and master the art of soap making but it has never been a top priority on my to-do list. Instead I buy as much and many of the amazing products I come across that I can logically use. I also buy and give soaps as gifts, so if you receive a bar or two from me it is by no means a comment on your habits of cleanliness just an extension of my own joy with such items.
While walking down St. Mark's Place the other day my attention was drawn by a dark cave like den of a store. Descending its stairs I was welcomed by the heavenly scents and things made of fairy dreams and fantasy!! Giddy with excitement I made an appointment to return the next day to chat with manager about the store and the products it offers.

Though I had already looked up the store on line I wanted a first hand account about the store's history and line of products. The next day the manager of Iron Fairies was more than generous with her time and answered more questions than the site could.

The Iron Fairies is a chain of stories whose products - sandalwood based soaps, soy wax candles, iron fairy figurines as well a new jewelry line- all spring from the imagination of author Ashley Sutton and her tales of fairies and iron miners. The store encourages you to put aside the everyday mundane, enter the story and play part in a world of fantasy. By working with one of the store employees you can create handmade soap and hand mixed oils. I must admit the soap making part fascinated me. The soap machine allows you to mix and match essential oils, spices and fragrances into a selected base oil which is then heated and poured into a mould. And Voila! you have an amazing smelling soap that reflects your personality or the personality of the many fairies that inhabit the store and its stories.

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