Monday, October 20, 2008

Shoe In - Fall 2008

The recent arrival of the pounds and pounds of fall Fashion Magazines has made me suddenly aware of my shoe diet. Every fall I look around and consider what shoe style I want to add to my collection. In recent years I have made it a habit to only buy a new pair if I let go of an old pair. It’s not just about limited storage space, but the guilt I sometimes feel for having enough shoes to adorn all the feet of a small village.

This fall I am hoping to add a shoe that is very similar to the attached photo of Nine West’s Goto Shoe (right), which is a carry over trend from the architectural shoe of this spring (2008). This fun shoe only retails for $79.00. It comes in a variety of colors including the ever safe black and a red that leaves a bit to be desired because in my opinion the shade of red is off, a bit too bright. It’s the purple that’s calling me.

I am also feeling Nine West's Dasolina (left), which retails for $99.00 and is gentler and sexier version of the tie up bootie. This shoe comes in purple, grey, dark green and black, which is again the color that’s catching my eye.

Now readers you will note that the cost of each shoe isn’t too far out of reach for most of us and some of us may even consider the retail price a bargain. The point of the exercise is to consider the style of shoe you want before buying it. There are so many options on the market that you are sure to find more than one version of any shoe you have your heart set on. I like the Nine West line. It isn’t overly priced and has gained major recognition for offering budgeted versions of what has shown up on the runways under bigger designer labels. More importantly they always seem to go on sale, especially at Macy’s, right around the Thanksgiving Holiday. If I can hold out until then I may be able to get both shoes for the price of only one pair, which means I might be able to add a bag to my purchase.

Hello, my name is Simone and I am a shoeaholic…


JunkJeweller said...

Thanks for the message!

Great shoes!

bubbletoe said...

Oh fuck! That purple pair is orgasmic.

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