Saturday, October 18, 2008

Greasy & Proud

I am blessed with oily skin. I know that many of you are gasping right about now in response to this statement, but it is because of my thick, oily skin that I look younger than I actually am despite years of frying in the sun both intentionally and unintentionally. Despite a shiny T Zone and a battle with blackheads, that I have won tyvm. I rarely had a pimple during my teen years. It was only when I entered college and the work force and experienced the stress and pressures that came along with balancing school; work and a social life did the break outs occur. On occasion they still do and that is why I, like thousands, at times turn to a 3 step facial programs that cleans, tones and prevents acne. I have seen the wonderful results people I knew that use Proactiv had but I hated the idea of being mocked by that one pimple on the side of my cheek while I waited for a preventative to arrive in the mail. So rather than send off a payment, meditate for patience and wait for the mailman to deliver I decided to investigate products that were readily available in any of my neighborhood drug stores.

Off to Duane Reade I went and low and behold they had a generic version of the 3 step kit. The $9.99 price wasn’t a large investment. Unfortunately it was too harsh for my post-post-post adolescent skin and started to dry it out which made me then worry about wrinkles as well as blemishes. One day, while browsing the aisles and aisles of goodies at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I happened upon AcneFree products. At $19.99 it was again worth the investigating so I purchased their version of the 3 Step Acne kit (I was also beginning to meditate daily on patience in case I truly needed to place my credit card order and wait for the mail to arrive).

Like most 3 step kits theirs has a wash, a toner and a repair/preventative lotion that contains time released benzoyl peroxide. After the 1st week what blemishes I had subsided and my skin was smooth. After week 4 any marks on the side of my face, where I tended to pick without thinking, lightened and virtually disappeared. Now pimples visit me once a month and I am waiting for menopause to take care of that. I admit sometimes I neglect being consistent in my use of the products and can experience a break out, especially is I am experimenting with face creams and potions. But if I promptly return to using the kit everything seems to heal rather quickly and without consequence. Unfortunately the product doesn’t stop the evil eye because the other day when my friend Tanya commented how glowing and wonderful my skin looked that night I found two eruptions on my left cheek which I promptly named MJ and Ashley before attacking them with the AcneFree Products. They are no longer with us.

You can buy this item at most major drugstores, Targets, Kmarts or Walmarts in your area but if you want to order it via the net, here’s the site –

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