Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shopping Spots Worth the Tip - Man Runs With His Scissors

A few months ago I decided to get my hair cut. It was a spur of the moment decision coming on for weeks. I had been carrying a picture of a short easy hair style I knew I would eventually get but it took me awhile to find the reason to. After a long day of work and with a deep feeling of the blahs I decided to satisfy the urge for change.

Because it was a spur of them moment decision I hadn’t made an appointment with a salon. In NY, where a hair cut can cost as much as a good pair of shoes at full retail,
a walk in could do some serious damage to a credit card. Besides I would always rather have the shoes. While considering if I should just head over to a local barber shop and take my chances I remembered that there was a Supercuts on St. Marks Place, between 2nd and 3rd Street. That was the day I met Philip.

For those of you unfamiliar with Supercuts it’s a chain of hair salons, over 85 in New York, that offer affordable hair and beauty treatments to the masses.
Before you pooh-pooh the chain experience, you haven’t seen Philip’s work. He has been working his magic for over 6 years and is worth much more than the under $20 haircut he gives. Granted I don’t get my hair washed or styled because I prefer to see a cut as it will look once I get my hands on it. Trust me, his haircuts stand up for months under my torture of curling iron, hot rollers and hair gels. Silently, deftly and without small talk but with a whole lot of personality he works his magic and in under 1/2 hour I am transformed.

I urge you to find him at Supercuts, 19 St. Marks Place #23 before a salon that charges more than a month’s rent does.

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