Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blog Blah Blogging With A Purpose

If you have been reading this blog on a regular basis (and I hope you have) you may have noticed a few more advertisements on both the lower and side bar panels.

In addition to becoming a follower and reading on a regualr basis and contributing your thoughts, opinions and suggestions for if you hit on those ads you will be making a difference because any proceeds from advertising will to be donated to the NorthStar Fund.

By organizing donors, raising money for grants and providing technical assistance NorthStar Fund supports activism that focuses on the root causes of poverty, racism, homophobia and gender discrimination.

I'm still sorting out all the details but please be assured that in the coming weeks I will be posting updates about New York weekend events, museum and gallery openings and secret shopping spots of all kinds. There will be posts sharing the location of the candy capitol of New York, the cheapest hair cut in town, coffee paradise, a place where you can buy soap hand made while you watch and wait as its being made and the most amazing spice emporium I have ever fallen into (I was so giddy in this place that I am sure the owner thought I was a little coo-coo). Of course there will be lots more reviews for beauty products, books, shoes and accessories, basically the things that make life round and wonderful and luxurious. Since luxury is a personal thing, the posts will be varied and run the gamut of prcing. I just hope my posts inspire everyone who reads to consider what luxury means to them and then go out and acquire it, even if its just in the experience of the moment. Please also consider this an invite to let me know what your New York band is up to, what wonderful things you are making and selling locally, the types of products you're looking for and men, don't forget you're part of this too!

I will be away from October 9th through October 19th. No worries, the postings will continue because this lovely site has a timed posting option.

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