Monday, October 13, 2008

Saving Face

When I was younger I loved making facial masques and experimented with home versions all the time. I bought French clay and mixed in essential oils like tree tea and geranium, separated eggs putting the white on my t zone and the yolk on my cheek area, mashed avocados and tomatoes and tried not to eat the ingredients as they dried on my face. I even mixed drug store powders like alum and fuller’s earth with almond oil to make a mask that was suppose to tighten skin so taunt in its youth that I probably looked like I was still wearing the mask after rinsing it off.

Over the years as my addiction grew I moved onto bigger, if not better, products. I bought and experimented with masques from places like the Body Shop, Lush and Origins and but somewhere along the way facial masques lost their appeal and I rarely, if ever, use them anymore.

One of the goodies from the loot bag is a ½ ounce sample size of

Eminence’s Pink Grapefruit Vitality Masque.

It looks like pink jelly and has a definite citrus flavor. It is suppose to enrich and firm the texture of the skin, reduce signs of aging, restore hydration levels and infuse the skin with high levels of antioxidant vitamin-C and bioflavonoids. The on line instructions for this product say that I should apply a thin layer and leave on the skin, but it also mentions that it can be used with an ultra sound and that it can be diluted. Why do I think that this product is meant for a professional rather than an at home Mad-Product Scientist? Regardless, after allowing it to dry to a tacky film I rinsed it off with warm water and removed the residue with a warm wet facial wash cloth. I am not certain of my skin was more taunt than before I used the masque but it did look a bit brighter but more importantly the 2 eruptions on my left cheek, MK and Ashly, were barely noticeable.

If you care to give this product a try this product this site offers it for $20 less than some others I have seen it at.

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