Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Once A Cheater

I have tried to get with the liquid shower gels and body shampoos but they never seem to lather up like a real bar of soap. I grew up with floating Ivory Soap and men who showered in Irish Spring and women who used rough bars of olive oil soaps that weren’t as exotic as the ones on the market today. And let’s not forget Lava Soap and how it cleaned the paint and grease off of hard working hands and how Dove Soap promised to moisturize before running down the drain because it was so rich it melted when hit by water. Now I reach for soaps rich in vegetable and essential oils. I love the smell of honey, almond, orange, sandelwood, patchouli, amber and the rough texture of oatmeal and wheat germ and oils like olive, coconut and cocoa. Since soap making is back in style there are some amazing options that fall within anyone's budget. I do have ivory dreams of finding the perfect soap that I will be loyal to and use forever. So far I have not been able to stay faithful. Perhaps sharing my infidelities here with you will help ease my guilt.

Today I am sharing one of the soaps I love. It is a 100% Vegetable Oil based soap produced by COMMONWEALTH SOAP & TOILETRIES COMPANY for someone who had the wonderful idea to produce a really amazingly rich and beautiful smelling soap and the oversight to not to include their company's logo or name (at least I can't find one, can you? squint!) on the packaging. The bars of soap were only 3.99 each at TJ Max, another amazing place to frequent if you enjoy luxury beauty products but don't have or want to spend a fortune. The problem with shopping there is that you have to buy it when you find it because you may never find it again. I admit to purchasing all of the Honey Almond and Orange Oatmeal Soaps I could find that day certain I would never find them again. I am down to a total of 3 bars and I’m starting to eyeball some other interesting soap waiting for me and my washcloth - once a cheater....

In desparation I Google searched COMMONWEALTH SOAP & TOILETRIES COMPANY and found their site, but it is of no help. They list no products for sale and when I tried to email my concerns I couldn’t send an inquiry through the site. I did find other postings for items that bear their name, but none had this soap for sale. Commonwealth seems to manufacture lots of soaps for people who have a recipe and a dream. Here is the website if you are one of those people http://www.cstsoap.com/index.htm

Drop me a line when about your product. I love a good bar of soap and as you know I am known to stray!!

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