Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Product & A Dream

Those of us born in the generation of Tenax and Sugar Water miss the days of spiking and teasing our hair, regardless of its length, and paying for it in deep conditioner and drastic hair cuts. These days I am overwhelmed by the amount of product on the market and the wide range of prices. Like many I find myself ignoring the old tried and true hair products believing that the industry has discovered bigger and better chemicals or uses for natural elements that will allow me to manipulate my hair so that it will be perfect, just the way I want it, every time I use it. I go through phases of buying lots of things and trying to style my hair and then just getting a good cut that lets me run my fingers through and go.

At this time in my life I am looking for the perfect hair styling product. It is the dream. I recently cut my hair into a chin length bob with long front layers and short layered back and it's the perfect time to find the ideal product. After experimenting and rejecting a few gel and liquid styling products and being hesitant about buying molding mud and pastes I came across L’Oreal Professional Tex Playball Designweb and L’Oreal Professional Tex Playball Motiongelee.

L’Oreal Professional Tex Playball Designweb is a sculpting fiber gum that allows me to apply it to my dried hair and pull it for direction and push it for height while keeping a shape that shows the layers my hair stylist created with his scissors.

L’Oreal Professional Tex Playball Motiongelee is a whipped cream wax that allows me to piece and pull my hair to create definition with lots of shine.

These 3.9ox jars, which are perfect for travel and everyday carrying, were $1.99 at my favorite sellout place Lots for Less. If you can’t make it to one of the 6 stores in New York mentioned in a previous blog entry I am sure you can find it in your local Hair & Beauty Supply Stores, but it might cost you up to $16.50. They are sold on Amazon, which once again is one of the cheaper places on the net, for $13.99 each –

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