Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happening - Running with Take Out - NYC Marathon

This Sunday, November 2nd is the yearly New York Marathon. It's also the beginning of day light savings times so fall behind that hour at 2am so you take your spot along the race's course bright and early and cheer on all those athletes! for more details.

I have never run the marathon, walking 5 miles a day is enough tyvm!, but my friends and I have joined hundreds of others along 4th Avenue in Brooklyn with thermoses of hot coffee, snacks and even folding chairs to cheer on friends who have. Today the New York Times has a great article about places to eat along the the 26.2 mile course, many of which reflect some of the 100 countries represented by runners in the race -

I can't even begin to consider and comment on all the options listed but I can tell you this year we will be picking our cheering post based on what we want to eat!!

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