Thursday, October 2, 2008

Looking for Mr Bubble

Remembering that famous commercial that had almost every woman I knew while growing up asking at the end of a hard week that “Calgon, take them away” I purchased a box of the “New” Calgon Take Me Away! Moisturizing Bath Beads with Vitamin E & Aloe in lavender and vanilla scent. I had memories of a bath full of soft relaxing pleasant smelling bubbles and was 8 minutes into my bath when I realized those memories were about Mr. Bubble, not Calgon. After laughing at myself and wondering if I could find Mr. Bubble next time I stopped into Lot Less Discount Store, where I purchased the box of bathbeads for $1.99, I let Calgon take me away for about 15 minutes, which is exactly when the water grew tepid and my skin water logged.

The bath was calm and relaxing at least until I tried to get out of the tub and found my self slipping and sliding and needing to hang onto the edge in order to make my escape. True to it’s word, the formula was ring free and left my tub clean and it was while I was reading this claim on the box that I noticed the words of warning that I should always take care to avoid slipping in the tub. Wonder if that is why this item was at the sell out store?
A staple that can be replaced.

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