Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lip Service

I, like most women I know, am always looking for the perfect lip-lip, to borrow a phrase from my then 5 year old. I rarely wear real lipstick preferring to use a tinted lip moisturizer that leaves a bit of natural color and shine without being too sticky, goopy or sparkly. At one point I loved and hoarded Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey -

I would use a Macy's credit card to purchase at least 4 at a time so that I could keep one in the desk drawer at work, one on me at all times, one in the make up drawer in my bathroom and one tucked away in my plastic box of extras. Then one day in the middle of January sometime during my early 30s I looked into the mirror and realized how Goth I looked with my sallow winter skin, make-up less face, dark hair and eyes and black honeyed lips. There is nothing wrong with looking Goth but at that point in my life that look was best kept for my evening hour activities rather than my 9 to 5. That is when my search for the perfect lip-lip began again and I have earnestly sought, purchased, tried, discarded and loved many a lip-lip all in the quest of finding the perfect one that will tint, moisturize and compliment in a natural way.

My recent obsession is Calgon’s Get Juiced Lip Shimmer in Juicy Berry. It is an emollient lip balm that leaves a hint of a colored stain and a bit of lip shine on a face otherwise unadorned by make up. Instead of a Goth feel you look as if your lips are freshly flushed from a kiss. The product is packaged in a small, thin tube that reminds me of the Burt Bee’s Lip Balm packaging, which I have also tried. Get Juiced is a bit more emollient without a glossy shine and the berry tint a little less reddish more natural in color.

Calgon’s Get Juiced Lip Shimmers are a limited edition and were available in a few scents/flavors. They were sold with other bath and beauty products with the same scents. After using the Juicy Berry all last spring and summer I was at my wit’s end to replace the near empty tube I still carried and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it at one of the sell out stores I sometimes stop in. At $0.99 each I was able to buy one for the desk drawer at work, one on keep on me at all times, one for the make up drawer in my bathroom and two to tuck away in my plastic box of extras and when those are gone I know that there will be another quest to occupy me.

Worth the search!

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