Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eyes Wiped Opened

I wear contact lenses and because I do I don't use as much eye make up as I probably would if I didn’t. I know there are tons of eye makeup products out there specifically made for lens wearers but it's the eye makeup removers I have issue with not the water proof mascaras and liners. I find most removers to be too oily. They leave a filmy residue on my lens (and just how I am supposed to see what I am doing without them?). I end up using tons of cotton pads to wipe off the excess remover and still my white wash clothes are destroyed by black inky residue. The pre soaked pads are no better. If they aren't overly oily they tend to be too dry and I use way more than the recommended number just to remove even the minimal amount of mascara and eyeliner.
There was a time when none of this bothered me. It was when Klorane Eye Make Up Remover was still packaged and sold in dark blue glass bottles. I was infatuated by those bottles but never took into account that the product did the job. When the manufacture switched to plastic bottles using it just wasn’t as fun for me. I moved on. So you can imagine how giddy with excitement I was when I pulled out the glass medicine bottle filled Huiles & Baumes Cleansing & Make-Up Remover Oil from the loot bag. First of all the label is in both English and French which made me tingle even more. Each language advises that 99.74% of the remover's plant based ingredients are produced by organic farming, 100% of its ingredients are of natural origin and 98.71% of all ingredients are produced by organic farming (confused here). The product is a mix of jojoba, sunflower, sweet almond and rose hip oils with daisy and fig extracts thrown in. All that oil I should have known better than to think it would work for me. The instructions ask that you apply to the face with a slightly wet cotton pad and then rinse off with warm water. Following them still left me with oiled up eye areas that as I feared became big dark circles in the morning. For those of you with dry eye areas this product might work well.

If you are interested in trying it, here is the site that keep coming up when I googled the product

I also did a google search and found the re bottled Klorane Eye Make-Up Remover. It is a lotion that has cornflower extract as one of its main ingredients. Despite being bottled in plastic I am going to give it another try. I have one of the old blue glass bottles around here somewhere, if not I know my friend Hugh MUST have one in his collection of 10000 little tiny-too-small-for-preserves collection. I have seen Klorane Eye Make-Up Remover in a number of stores around the city but if you want to buy it on the net it’s cheapest at –

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