Thursday, October 30, 2008

Buttering Up for the Winter

With the drying winter months approaching and the tendency for elbows and knees and skin more delicate to thirst for heavier conditioning I put away the Tea Tree scented bodybutter and pulled out Tree Hut Shea Body Butters in Ginger, Cocoa Butter and Almond & Honey.

These 7oz tubs are a generous serving of thick buttery creams intense in scent and real shea butter. The Almond & Honey has almond extract and honey, the Cocoa Butter is made with real cocoa butter and Ginger has ginger root extract. They are all so amazing in both smell and results it's hard for me to choose which I prefer.

When I first fell in lust with Tree Tree Body Butters I found them at Wal-Mart’s (no hissing please – they aren’t going away – we need to fight for them to change) for $4.59 each and they are still there in their spiffy new packaging. This season’s crop was purchased at Lots for Less sell out for $2.99 per item because of that package redesign.

I also found them for you at for $6.59.
The site also offers the body scrubs and body washes in matching scents. I am not too crazy for either but if you’re someone who prefers to keep consistent with your scents they are available.

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