Thursday, October 2, 2008

Beauty from the Inside Out -Wholly Guacamole

The food industry seems to be taking portion control concept seriously by packaging snacks in 100 calorie portions. The dieter in me loves the idea while the economist in me hates it because we end up paying way more for someone else to do the work we should be diligent about, understanding and controlling our portions.

While at the supermarket the other day I found the most amazing guacamole. It isn’t that the guacamole is any better tasting than others on the market, what was amazing was that the company pre packaged it into 100 calorie portion sizes. Each package, which retails for $2.99 at Key Food, contains 3 sealed pouches of guacamole. I must admit I don’t find the taste mind blowing but love the idea that I can carry or freeze the individual serving sizes, which are dated for use, to enjoy later. Because the portion size is controlled I now visually understand what 100 calories of guacamole looked like and can monitor my intake of freshly made guacamole, which is always preferred. The creamy texture of this product is perfect as a sandwich spread and was a great addition to the toasted tomato sandwich I had for breakfast.

If you’re curious here’s the company’s site and product details –

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