Saturday, February 2, 2013

Remaining Grateful

All Images © Simone Rene 2013

Since January 1 I have taken a minute out of my day to write down one thing I am grateful for and place that note into jar (see attached) that will be opened and read come New Years Eve 2013.

This wasn't my brilliant idea but after finding the suggestion in a few year end magazines and posted on a number of blogs I decided to listen to the universe and just do it! 
And for that I am grateful.

Each time I stop to take note I find myself being grateful for more than just one or two things a day and it is that simple and small gratitude that makes the day-to-day so worth it.

The month of January is over.
All my yellow sticky notes are done!
It's time to move onto the blue pad.
It's Time To Be Grateful!

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