Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Hunt is on...

I want to wear lipstick this year. I want to have brightly colored lips. It would be nice if they lasted all day and didn't leave stains on cups or teeth or cheeks. The problem is I think wearing a pigment on my lips makes them look much thinner than they really are, even with liner!

Of course this hasn't stopped me from applying all manner of lip-lip to the inside of my hand while at department store makeup counters. Or from standing in the make-up aisles in every drug store I stop in to frantically search for "the one". I have spent hours, yes hours, at beauty supply places testing and deciding and purchasing pinks and peaches and neutral reds only to store them in the cabinet under the bathroom sink and reach for the Sephora Collection Color Reveal Lip Balm in Unique Pink I purchased out of desperation a few weeks ago.

This $12 product adjusts to your unique pH to create a customized pink shade. It keeps your lips moist and leaves your pout full and pretty.  I have gotten compliments even though the color is barely the blush I yearn for but until I find "the one" this will more than do....


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