Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Still Breathing....

All Images © Simone Rene 2011
Sorry readers (those of you still out there), I find myself less inclined to consider trends and bargains these days. Instead I am trying to be in the moment with those who choose to share their moments with me. I am still knee deep in sorting the continued journey of my life. I continue to cull and let go of things and people with intent and purpose. And because of this continued effort life has taken on a bit of the simplicity that I have been yearning for; I am grateful. 

Of course I am not totally free from the complexity and drama but for some reason I am more willing to remove myself from the craziness that can overshadow and distract me from the act of doing and being. Instead of being part of the play I am learning to say my truth, stand or leave and let what will come of it come. And it isn't easy. I am constantly "talking" to myself, reminding myself that it is OK not to buy that item just yet; it's OK not to allow someone in my life for more than the moment shared; it's OK to  just lean into the moment in solitude and silence; It's OK to just be.

Enjoy Your Day!

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