Monday, September 20, 2010

Who Knew....

I love languages and despite being mistress to many I am master of none. It's OK, after studying various romance and Germanic languages you realize they are all connected and can make your way through a conversation, city of destination or directions for the next train or nearest restroom so when I found a card for Institut Ramon Llull, the Catalan Cultural Center, in New York I was intrigued. The Catalan language has an interesting history, at one time restricted to personal conversation and forbidden in print, it is now the official language of their government and public institutions.

Catalonia comprises four provinces: Barcelona, Girona, Lledia and Tarragona and it's official languages are Spanish, Catalan and Aranese. It's long and intriguing history includes being part of the Greek and Roman and Moorish empires. It is one of the Kingdom of Spain's 17 autonomoous communities; the administrative divisions that represent the country's historical nationalities and regions.
The New York extension of Institut Ramon Llull is located at One Rockefeller Center.
The institute offers insight into the Catalonian culture.
It's mission is to share Catalonia's arts and language!
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From September 29 through October 1
Institut Ramon Llull and CUNY present
the 7th Annual Prelude Festival - Spotlight: Catalonia

The festival will take place at the Martin E. Segal Theater Center, Graduate Center-CUNY, New York and will showcase the work of four contemporary Catalan playwrights: Àngels Aymar, Marta Buchaca, Sergi Belbel and Esteve Soler.
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(I am still looking for language class details for this coming spring!)

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