Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Victoria's Secret

If I were to buy one evening-out-dress to pack for vacation it would be
Victoria's Secrets Long-sleeve Multi-way Dress
All three photos that follow are of the same dress worn three different ways.
 Dress as is
adjust neck and sleeves as you like
One Shoulder Wearing
Slip into the dress with an arm through one sleeve.
At the neck opening, fold back the hem to the stitch line.
Wrap the loose sleeve around your waist; tuck and hide at back waist.
Blouse dress slightly.
Step into the dress; let the sleeves hang loose.
Adjust the skirt to be shorter.
Drape the sleeves around your neck and tie in a bow or knot at the back.
Other Ways to Wear -
One-shoulder Drape
Cross & Twist
Strapless Twist
Strapless Cinch
All for $79
click on title for details

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