Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Looney Tunes for Dooney & Bourke

I still want the D&B's Editor's bag but after seeing the Double Gusset Flap Bag in a magazine last month all I can think about it which of the 7 colors I would perfer if I were to finally snap and pay $350 for a bag.

Of course if I am going to pay $350.00 for a bag I might as well spend the extra $45 for the more elegant Shoulder Gusset style bag.

And I will also need a matching large shopper to go with whichever bag I decide to splurge on.
It's only another $395.

Or maybe I could be more economial about the whole thing and only spend the extra $335 for the short shopper?
I mean I won't have much to spend after buying any of these bags anyway so I might not need a large  shopper anyway.
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