Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday's Mental Musings

The other day I sat a booth over from a group of young women who at the entrance of a confident and stylish woman proceeded to make a few snide remards about her appearance. Much to my surprise that same young woman made her way to the table and proceeded to kiss and greet them all in a "sisterly" fashion. The table then filled with the chatter of five late 20/early 30somethings and my dinner companion arrived so the temporary distraction was replaced by good company and a meal.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about friendships between women because recently I have found myself grateful for the small core of friends I have. I have had my share of "frienemies" and have had to learn to disentangle myself from the competative muck friendships between women can be. Luckily after weeding out those that didn't have the same definition of friendship as I did I was left with a core of friends that are honest, supportive and have the ability to offer critic without criticizing or belittling. They live their lives not in comparison but in encouragement. Some I speak with almost daily and see on a regular basis and then there are friendships that are sewn together with emails and phone calls scattered throughout the year but each is valued and real because we have made it a point to stay connected and shuffle through this life together. Sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we fall but when that happens we always seem to either lend a hand so that we can work it out together.  I am grateful!

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