Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Partnership...

Most of us hate to sweep and mop. I am not good at either and have no desire to prefect the talent yet, like everyone, I love clean floors. At the encouragement of my friend Hope I purchased and replaced the broom and mop with a simple SWIFTER SWEEPER system and have no regrets.

I know this products isn't new but I hesitated to purchase something that required further purchasing of specific refill items. I fought it for a long time but my spotless clean floors are enough to justify my interdependence to the Swifter Sweeper system.

The Swifter is just a flat bottomed rubber pad with tuck in slots that allow you to use either dry or wet cloths to wipe the floors clean. I have to admit the first time I used the sytem it required more than one of each cloth option to clean through my kitchen, dining and bathroom areas but that is more of a comment about my cleaning skills than the system itself. With continued use the number of clothes has reduced and the shine on my floors is so worth the scowl my broom and 2 sponge mops gave me when I put them on the curb for collection.

Sooooooo worth the purchase and commitment!

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