Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday's Mental Musings

Recently I have been wondering why people fight for control and then when they are given it rarely accept the responsibility owning a situation brings. I know we have all been there and at one point or another we all have dropped the ball and in some cases thrown it as far away from us as possible because we realized the power we asked for was way beyond our expectation and required more than we could or were willing to give. Yet knowing this we still want to be the one in charge believing that by being in charge we can control things often beyond our control. Sometimes we are so blinded by this need that we refuse to give in to the compromise that requires the ego to relax and the soul to admit fear. And because of this the control we feel is a tightly wound illusion based on solitude not independence. In the end when we understand that we could not handle the task at hand and required the partnership of team work and effort it is often too late to salvage the situation and acquire any true sense of ownership other than understanding the fact that we messed up. And even then many of us continue to struggle with understanding and more importantly accepting that there will be times when we must let others lead us in order to find our way and be able to walk on our own.

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Michael said...

I agree with this post very much!
I htink everyone is struggling to figure out who they are and what their place in the world is. It's all so hard.

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