Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coffee, Tea or...

Despite my lust for coffee I do enjoy a cup of tea on occassion.

Like coffee, having tea is a bit of a ritual for me. I drink it black with sugar and prefer caffienated brands, savings the herbal teas for medicinal purposes. I also keep tea cups, saucers and spoons that are only used for the beverage. I even have a very large ceramic tea pot that I brew in!

I have yet to learn to measure and adjust the quantity of tea I make so to avoid waste I am considering buy a personal-for-one pot from http://www.englishteastore.com

The above pot is just one of the amazing sets on this site. It is called the Vanderbilt - Biltmore and retails for $36.24 plus shipping. I am hoping my coffee carafe doesn't get jealous

1 comment:

kerfuffler said...

That darling tea pot should make tea time special indeed.

I think I'm ready for coffee now though!

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