Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Luxury of Superstition

I have a friend who always always seems to find pennies on the birthday of her deceased father. He has been dead for 15 years. I know a man that wears or carries something red whenever he wants to win at poker or a business debate. He can recall each poker game and client lost by the times he didn't have anything red on him. I have another friend who trips, I kid you not!, every times she laughs at someone else's expense. Whenever I make major decisions I usually begin to find discarded playing cards all over the streets of New York within 24 hours of making it (see attached those I found last week). I enjoy the luxury of indulging the habit of collecting and translating them into a Tarot card reading later that same day. Most times the readings fall right into place with the decision I have made and the direction I am going. Maybe I only concentrate on those card meanings that seem to click with my decision, but the coincidence is enough for me to continue with my intent. Rather than consider these quirks silly or crazy I ask that you take the luxury to consider those "signs" in your life that are showing you the way on the road you choose to walk. Try to believe that they point to the fact that if we chose to view our little superstitions as reminders that we are a part of a bigger movement of energy that serendipitously moves us from our day to day we might get there, if not faster, at least with a bit more adventure!

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