Monday, December 15, 2008

Red Beans & Rice Japanese Style

Years ago I made my own facial scrubs from Aszuki Beans and/or Sushi Rice. I was taught the recipe by a Japanese designer I once worked with. We shared similar complexions and bonded over reviewing out of register press proofs and a boss who we both thought should be deported back to England. She had the clearest, most even skin I had ever seen on a 40 year old plus woman and she was more than happy to pass along her "secret". I had all but forgotten about this era in my life until November's Self magazine page of over priced Rice based skin and hair products reminded me of how simple, extremely easy and economical they are if you invest the time to make them yourself.

To try either scrub/mask all you need is a small spice grinder or blender (if you make the powder in bulk for storage), water, the palm of your hand and either Adzuki Beans or Sushi Rice. After grinding approximately 1/8 cup of Japanese Adzuki Beans and/or Rice into a fine powder turn it into a mild scrubbing paste by mixing about tablespoon of the dust with a bit of warm water in the palm of your hand until you have a paste a little thinner than toothpaste. Apply it to your damp face and gently rub the paste in circular motions to exfoliate and lift impurities, let dry into a taunt filmy mask and then rinse it off with warm water. Follow with 3 blasts of cold water to seal your pores and pat your face dry with a clean white towel.

Ground Adzuki beans act as a gentle skin exfoliant, promoting smoother, clearer and more beautiful skin. Ground rice is an antioxidant packed exfoliant that evens your complexion. You can choose to make your own scrubs by buying sushi rice or adzuki beans from your local health food stores or you can visit Natural Japanese Beauty site and buy the items already prepared and waiting without all the extra ingredients, packaging and price.-


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the helpful advice, Simone. I hope you are contributing to magazines, since this is the type of useful info that they would appreciate.


Simone said...

Thank you for stopping by and for the encouragement, both are appreciated...:)

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