Sunday, December 14, 2008

Coffee Break

I love coffee, not just for its taste and aroma but for the ritual involved in making it. Each morning I grind just enough beans to fill the stove top espresso pot I use to make a large cup of café latte. While the coffee is brewing and the milk heating I inhale and dream a bit on the day ahead.

The coffee explosion has passed and many of the shops and brands of beans and grounds that popped up all over the place are fading away. One place that has been around forever that I find myself returning to over and over again is Porto Rico Importing Co at 201 Bleeker Street and it’s sister store at 41-1/2 St. Marks Place.

This family owned business has been operating since 1907 and in addition to carrying an amazing selection of coffees and teas they also offer a wide array of candies and syrups and makers to add to your drinking experience. Each week they run specials and in October and April have store wide sales for those of us that take their beans and leaves seriously.

If you can’t make your way to one of their 3 Manhattan and 1 Brooklyn locations have a peek on their site -
Now if only the aromas could be transferred via the net.
Another site I love and have had on my favorites for years is
It’s a place of worship for coffee lovers. In addition to selling just about everything and anything that can make your coffee an experience it also shares tips and recipes for making every type of coffee beverage out there.

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