Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Kiehl's Day November 10 - 15th

Most New Yorkers worth their weight in face cream know of Keihl's, but for the newbies Keihl's was once an old fashioned NY family run apothecary founded during the 1850s in the East Village. They are known for their amazing homeopathic products, herbal remedies, essential oils and beauty products and for those of us in the area of the 3rd Avenue store an amazing collection of vintage motorcycles. In recent years they have expanded their reach and brand while still maintaining their quality and customer and community based service.

Last night before meeting up with a friend for dinner I stopped into 109 Third Avenue because I had read an article about Keihl's musk oil and wanted to try a sample. YES! This store shares samples of their products and that is part of their amazing customer service code. They want you to try their items, old and new, before buying and appreciate and ask for your feed back when you return to purchase. They would rather you become a continued customer because you like and use their items, not because you have read about them in some fashion magazine or on some blog (cough cough). The staff is helpful, knowledgeable and so very patient with those of us with our own questions and concerns.

After accepting the sample the gentleman helping encouraged me to come and join the store to celebrate HAPPY KIEHL'S DAY! From November 10th through November 15 the 3rd Avenue Store with be giving out samples of some of their amazing products.

Monday 11/10 4.2oz Creme de Corps
(body moisturizer - creamy, rich and wow!)
Tuesday 11/11 2.5oz Ultimate Strength Hand Salve
Wednesday 11/12 Pear Lip Balm (YUM!)
Thursday 11/13 - 2.5oz Ultra Facial Moisturizer
Friday 11/14 - 4.2oz Creme de Corps
(worth the repeat trip)
Saturday, 11/15, from 10:30AM - 1pm Brunch is on/at Kiehl's

Worth the detour for a visit!

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