Monday, November 3, 2008

Gives Good Face

I’m a 4th generation Oil of Olay user, so when I use any other face cream I feel like I am being disloyal to a brand that kept the complexions of the women in my family clear and beautiful for as long as they used it, never mind that genes also had a big part in it

When I pulled Huiles & Baumes Night Face Cream from the goody bag and realized it was from the same company that made the eye maker remover that left me oversaturated black under eye circles I almost dismissed it but something stopped me from putting it in my own give away goody bag (sorry P!) and in the spirit of the blog I decided to try the stuff

Huiles & Baumes, which has been around since 1989, produce natural and organic skin care products and food supplements. Their Night Face Cream boasts of rose hip, verbena, shea butter & jojoba which combined are suppose to relax and hydrate your face while you sleep. This time the French words on the white plastic pump bottle didn’t entice me. I gingerly applied a small amount of the cream, which smelled both medicinal and pleasant, to my face and gently rubbed it in. It felt light and has a wonderfully silky texture, but as with many creams it was just too rich for my skin. The second day into the experiment I had to stop using it since I could see that MK and Ashley were eagerly trying to erupt on my left check. I don’t think this product is bad. I think it is meant for someone with dry skin in need of nourishment. Into the give away bag is goes. I couldn’t find this product on the shelves, but I did find it available on the manufacturer’s website for 45Euro + Shipping -*/product_info.html

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