Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beauty From the Inside Out - Prepackaged Italy

While in Rome I stayed in a small boutique hotel that boardered on being a pensione. I was lucky enough to have a small fridge and a Supermarcati two blocks away. Instead of buying lunch while I was out and about I purchased the best freshly baked breads, cured meats aka lunch meats, healthy veggies and fruits and I was able pack and carry an amazing gourmet lunch with me almost every day.

While enjoying the luxury of being able to buy "import" foods at local prices I stumbled across some wonderful spreads made by a company called Madam Olivia. This Italian based company specializes in olives and other regional items and their pre packaged speads come in packs of 4 small trays that remind me of the Gaucamole I posted about a while back. They cost under 3.00Euro each and because they are vaccumm sealed I was able to bring home the 5 remaining trays of pesto and olive & hot pepper tapenade to share.

Though I found a website for the company's products it made no mention of export to the States.

If you're in Italy and happen upon a supermarcati definitely look for some their products. Or you are encouraged, like I am, find recipes to make some of these wonderful items. Everyone has their own pesto recipe, but here's a black olive tapenade recipe that is worth the effort -

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