Thursday, October 23, 2008

Luxury From the Inside Out - How to Cook Everything with Mark Bittman

A few months ago I donated my television set to the Salvation Army. I never had cable so I've always had access to limited stations anyway. I don't regret my decision to forgo television. The silence left by not having one is a luxury in itself. I can watch DVDs on my computer and access most shows on their channel's website. I will admit that I do miss watching the Sunday afternoon cooking shows on PBS, especially Mark Bittman's cooking shows "How to Cook Everything" and "The Best Recipes in the World".

What I enjoy about his show and his personality is that he approaches food the way most of us who enjoy cooking and eating but aren't trained chefs do, with honesty, directness and a need for simplicity so not to overwhelm the cook with recipes that require degrees in food preparation. Mark, maybe I should call him Mr. Bittman, a food column writer for the New York Times also has a video column on their website.

In each 3-5 minute segment in his down to earth way he prepares a recipe that is simple, elegant and makes the mouth water. Watching makes me want to set aside the time to make myself a quick and wonderful meal to enjoy in the silence left by not having a TV.


PS - There's even a blog that honor's Mark Bittman (I might have to become a follower!)


DMS said...

You've inspired me to look for this show Simone. Thanks!Can't wait to read all about Rome!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Simone!
Just checking out your amazing blog.
Thank you for this tip - I will be checking out Mark's cooking show. :)
When you will be blogging about your Rome trip? Of course, I know we've spoken about it, but just asking. :)


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