Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Handy Product #2

To tie in with yesterday’s post about O.P.I.’s Nail Envy Sensitive & Peeling Nail Strengthener today’s post is about another goody bag treat for the nails, Creative’s Cuticle Eraser Treat.

The small tube of alpha-hydroxy treatment promises to micro exfoliate cuticles and condition the surrounding area, but with all the attention I am giving to my hands lately I am not certain if its this product or the other creams and nail strengtheners that are working. My cuticles do seem to be less ragged and more manicured so perhaps it is doing some good. At least it’s not doing any harm.

This is another item I may have never reached for if it hadn't been part of the grab bag because I have always been a fan of Revlon’s Professional Night Cream - .

Revlon's Professional Night Cream is an old standard still worthy of use. I was introduced to at the age of 6 when I would "assist" my father every Sunday evening as he manicured his nails. Assist really meant that I would watch him meticulously trim, file, push back his cuticles, cream and buff the tops of his nails until they had a beautiful sheen and then I would try to imitate him and end up buffing off the top layer of my nail despite warnings not to. Though my technique has improved a little, Sunday evenings are still one of beauty and grooming rituals that I maintain to this day.

I am not certain if I will purchase Creative’s Cuticle Eraser Treat after I finish this tube and make it part of my nail routine or if I will return to the little Revlon jar that I can purchase from a local Duane Reade Drugstore, but in case you are interested in trying Creative’s Cuticle Eraser Treat I did do a Google search and to my surprise found it out of stock on! Maybe it’s more popular than I suspected and that’s why I haven’t seen it on any store shelves! It is available for $7.00 plus shipping on the Goddess Within Web site. If I do come across it during my shopping adventures I will definitely update this post with that information.

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