Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beauty from the Inside Out - Oatmeal

You will find that recent posts are basically about locations in Downtown New York. I work in and have recently explored that area. There is much to share. Be patient with me. The posts will extend pass the lower Manhattan area. I promise. They are already in draft and waiting their turn to be posted.

The weather is turning cooler and with it the crisp fall mornings call for breakfasts that are more substantial and hardy than the fruit and yogurt I enjoyed all summer long. I love hot cereal in the morning, but rarely make it since I have discovered a little snack shack called Maria’s CafĂ© and the incredible, amazing, creamy, sweet oatmeal that they make there. It is the only thing I buy from spot because the rest of their food is standard greasy spoon, fried eggs, bacon, cheese on rolls, home fries and empanadas, which are all outdone by this oatmeal. The owners of the stand, which has been a staple on that corner for decades, recently expanded and took over an empty store front around the corner on Avenue C between 2nd and 3Rd Streets. I haven't attempted to get pass the neighborhood’s cronies to try their Latin American style food but with the weather turning colder it might be easer to stop in.

In case you have neglected to read all the press on the benefits eating oatmeal brings to recap, it reduces LDL (bad) Cholesterol without lowering HDL (good) Cholesterol, and insoluble fibers have cancer fighting properties because they attack certain bile acids and reduce their toxicity. Oatmeal slows down digestion starch, which may be beneficial to diabetics because the sharp rise in blood sugar level that occurs when eating is minimized. It is suppose to prevent heart disease, the phyto-chemicals in oats are suppose to have cancer fighting properties and are a good source of nutrients including vitamin E, zinc, copper, iron, selenium, manganese and magnesium. Oats are also a good source of protein and if made with milk in addition to increasing the protein a shot of calcium is added, but you won’t care about all of this after the first spoonful of Maria’s Oatmeal. You will just fall in love with the warm creamy sweetness and at $1.50 for a small serving you will never want to make oatmeal at home again.

(Having strange hiccups with this site, posts are off dated and repeating and the one I scheduled for today disappeared..your patience is appreciated)

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