Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saving the World While Conditioning

I love essential oils and over the years have amassed a fully stocked drawer of the ones I play with and use regularly. My interest in scent goes back to a childhood filled with them. I can recall someone asking for the vanilla to dab behind their ears on a big date night, being sent to the store for clove oil to soothe a toothache, an uncle jokingly adding more pepper to a dish for punch and hair growth, a wash cloth soaked in peppermint tea and placed on a head burdened with a headache, the freckled face of a cousin being scrubbed with a wedge of lemon and a freshly made bed being spraying with lavender water for better sleeping. Smells are a big part of our lives, they comfort and recall memories we want to hold onto and some we may want to forget.

If you really pay attention you can smell the difference between a synthetic scent and an essential oil that is pulled from a natural source. There is roundness to the natural smell that falls, well flat, in most synthetic copies. You will have to start comparing to understand the differences and find out what you can and can not accept. It seems that every new item is loudly and proudly telling us which essential oils it contains and the benefits it will deliver because of them. Though there are some oils that can deliver from first use, pimples beware of tea tree oil, most require either application within a diagnosed time frame or continuous application for any beneficial affects other than perhaps the physiological ones triggered by the scents. We have all grown up with both natural and synthetic oils and I suspect will continue to be exposed to and use both despite the return to green being hyped by every Tom, Dick and Jane who make and package things that are natural and organic to sell while promising to deliver us back to a good earth. OK, so I have some issues with the green craze because despite good intent most of what is made at this time that is natural and organic isn’t consumer friendly because of price and tends to concentrate on saving some far off place that we, that’s right we, were destroying to begin with by producing products. (OK, that’s a rant!). I could fill pages with my opinions on that subject matter but instead I will get back to the original purpose of this post, essential oils and their wonderful smells and a product I am loving right now.

Noting my caution on being taken in by the organic trend I find myself in love with Save the World’s Regal Blossom Save Your Hair Conditioner. It has mango butter, avocado and coconut oils, aloe vera extract and smells of lavender, geranium and rose with support from chamomile and palma rose and it delivers. I like the strong heavy bottomed floral scent, which lightens up when used. People will definitely comment about how good your hair smells! Though I am hesitant to believe that if I use it for a year I, little old me, will save an acre of rainforest, I am confident in saying it makes my hair feel and smell great.

This is another item from the goody bag I received and I have to admit I may have never reached for the bottle otherwise because I have a regular conditioner that does the trick, but I did bookmark the Save the World’s site because I am thinking if I am to save an acre of rainforest I better do it with great smelling hair.

Here’s the site

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