Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Cuppa Joe

This is my first entry on this blog. I have blogged before, mostly about my experiences with the net and people I’ve meet on various chat sites on the net. In between my rants, raves and personal opinions I often threw in tidbits about New York happenings and shopping. There were lots of pictures and gushing entries about products, accessories and shoes. I have a thing about shoes, not a fetish but I love a good pair of statement shoes. Hey, maybe that is a fetish? That blog is now defunct and though I've wanted to start up a new one I didn’t want it to be a continuation of the last. To be honest I can’t be certain I won’t rant and rave and throw in a lot of personal opinions but I can assure you they won’t be about net friendships or net chat sites and I can guarantee at some point there will definitely be some posts about shoes on this blog.

Last weekend I spent a few lovely days with my long time friend P. He and I have known each for almost two decades. We started out at the same publishing company. He stayed in publishing, moving to magazines, and well I’m here writing this blog (there's more, but that will come later). I was extremely surprised to find a large goody bag of items waiting for me in his guest room. The sweet, sweet man purchased all these amazing things for me during a clean out sale at the magazine he works for. The hemp bag (green is the thing) was filled with make-up, facial and hair products and hand and nail goodies that have either graced or had been rejected for the magazine’s pages. I don’t wear much make-up but I am a luxury junkie that prefers to try and use things at home instead of heading to a spa. Though I have some brand preferences I have no price point and reach for what attracts me, things I may have read about or have been recommended by others. I admit to being a kitchen chemist and enjoy making kosher salt scrubs with essential oils in my kitchen as much as I enjoy sniffing and smelling the overwhelming body scrub selections that every cosmetics and drug store seems to carry, which leads me to my first post about 5th Avenue Bath Co.’s Coffee Body Scrub, one of the goodies I received last weekend.

Contrary to popular belief there really are women that stay home alone on a Saturday night to wash their hair and partake in beauty rituals. It's not just an excuse to get out of a possible bad date. After a long week of work and play in New York staying home on a Saturday night without guilt is a luxury in it self. Tonight after putting the deep conditioner in my hair and shaving the legs I decided to try some of the 20z sample of coffee body scrub that was part of last weekend’s loot. It smelled amazing; just like a rich cup of French roast coffee sweetened with a bit of sugar. The label says that it is a mix of ground coffee, brown sugar and almond and jojoba oils, but the texture, which was gritty and dry, left a lot to be desired. Perhaps the sample, which was sealed, had dried out a bit, because there seemed to be less oil than needed to make the scrub glide and move easily into all those places we girls like to exfoliate. My tub ended up covered in brown coffee grounds and I ended up lathering up a wash cloth with soap and going old school. The wash cloth was our grandmothers’ exfoliant.

Testing the product did make me want a big cup of freshly brewed coffee, which I enjoyed as I typed this entry. I know have some almond oil somewhere, maybe I will add a drop or two and try it again next weekend.
If you are interested you can buy this item directly from the 5th Avenue Bath Co.’s website and give it a try -

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