Sunday, May 19, 2013

English Breakfast on An American Sunday

The vegetable and fruit stands in the neighborhood are loaded with leafy greens this time of year. 
The radishes were too BEAUTIFUL to pass over and at $0.75 for a large bunch too cheap not to buy.
This morning I enjoyed a quick and easy breakfast of coffee and warm French bread topped with radishes and greens sauted in butter.
All you need are a bunch of fresh juicy radishes.
 I washed them and cut the green tops off before drying them in a salad spinner to make sure everything was soil free.
To keep things uniform I pulled out the mandolin slicer and made beautiful red jewel disks of the cleaned radishes 
 Then I heated up both a non-stick pan and the oven (250-300F)
Once the pan was hot I added a large gob of salt free butter
After it melted I dumped in the radishes and allowed them to cook for a bit before adding the greens. 
After about 2 minutes the leaves had wilted, the disks were butter infused but still firm and all was ready to be sprinkled with coarse salt before transferring into a bowl.  
While the goodness rested I turned my attention to the heated oven and the French bread I purchased on Saturday afternoon.
The paper sleeved loaf was hard as a brick but I had an old trick up my sleeve.
Using my water spray bottle I generously spritzed the paper bag, put it into the oven for 2 minutes and pulled out a soft loaf (use trick only once!) that was quickly cut into 1/2" disks, topped with the veggies and enjoyed with a hot milky coffee.
The butter soothes the peppery radish and the salt highlights its.
Try it and Enjoy!

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