Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Today's Thought..

This video is from 2007 and I still hear this word used by those who believe that they are taking away the stigma and shame attached to it and empowering themselves. Most frightening to me is that I hear it dropped as easily as "hey friend" by those who have never and will never know what it is to be belittled and kept down by the word. They throw it around with disregard for its affect on those who remember, recall and may still be spiritually demeaned by it. Yet I fail to hear those same people use any other terms or phrases that were used to degrade other peoples, perhaps their own people, as easily....


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Be proud of yourself, Although there are not Liked. Sometimes they hate because they can not be like you.
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Ignore those who try to bring you down, they do it because they have to be next to you.
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