Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Grapes of Wrath...

I know it's not Autumn but I had a craving for  A Torta D'Uva.
It's a grape pizza/focaccia usually made and eaten during the picking season.
It's easy to make and enjoy any time of the year.
I let the Tradder Joe's pizza dough sit out  for about half hour plus 
until it reached room temp and then while the oven preheated (400 F)
I kneaded the dough for a bit,  adding a teaspoon or so of chopped fresh Rosemary
before rolling it out on a floured surface to a 10" x 14" pie size.
(I like my crust fairly thick)
I transfered the dough to a cookie sheet that I had greased
with a couple teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil. 
(pssst I heated the oiled cookie sheet before transferring the pie)

(now is the fun part)
Using about 2 cups of clean/dry small purple grapes I  decorated it,
pushing the grapes as deep into the dough as possible,
squishing some so that that juice soaked the dough a bit.
(I ended up using a lot of grapes!)
I sprinkled the top with some more chopped Rosemary,
a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
and a liberal sprinkle of white sugar
(when baked it carmalizes and adds a nice crusty crunch)

The pie baked for about 30 minutes
(until the edges were brown and the grapes collapsed)
I could barely wait until it cooled to eat it.
Yes, I burned the roof of my mouth!

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