Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's A Family Affair...

Well readers this weekend is the Rickert Family Reunion. The first of its kind. My cousins and I, the Reunion Committee, have spent months sorting and finalizing details.

All Images © Simone Rene 2011

This Friday we will head over to the WEEKSVILLE HERITAGE SITE ( ) where my great grandparents lived.The staff has helped us plan the visit and for many it will be a home coming and for some a lesson in our family history.

On Saturday close to 200 family members (about 1/6 of the total count of that tree at this time) will come together at Hechscher State Park ( ) to enjoy a day of food (AND OOOOOH there will be food!), games and family. We will share and record family stories, collect data to add to the family tree and take photos so to leave a trail for family to come.

My family has been here, in the US, in New York, in Brooklyn since the late 1700s. We have stories, records, proof of who we are and where we came from. Many of our family members are just learning of our rich heritage and the reunion is a chance to share it. Planning this event was a promise made to my great grandmother long ago. So Nana Rickert, we did it!


Shokoofeh said...

wow this is so great!

Simone said...

Thank you Sweetie, I hope all is well :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Buon family reunion. Sounds like it will be an amazing time.

Simone said...

It was :)..and we enjoyed the movie too!!

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