Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's Mental Musings

After living a 1000 years in this apartment I will have to move. The owners are selling. To be honest I have wanted change for a long while (be careful what you wish for!) and have hesitated to grasp at relocation as one of those changes because of the security living here has given me. My landloards have been very good to me but it is time to move on.

And as all of you know moving isn't easy. Sorting and packing  is just the process of reviewing your life's "work". It is time consuming, tiresome and sometimes frightening because in addition to sorting the past and the present you. must also sort your future and decide where you want to be next. This isn't new to me. It is something I have been doing for years, just read some past blog posts!, but now the need to determine what I must bring with me, what I will donate, sell or give away is pushing the process to the extreme. Perhaps the universe got tired of my tedious work and decided to force me to fast forward the culling?

And the cost of moving in NY is tremedous. Accumulating 3 months rent plus moving expenses either takes years or just weeks of scraping it all together. Having all the money at one pop is a true temptation - I CAN DO ANYTHING within the constraints of the value of that money. I can run away to Europe and spend a few months of frugal living. I can move out of New York to an area that is less expensive and in doing so redefine my life within those financial perimeters. Or I can do what I plan to do; find an apartment in my beloved Brooklyn that will act as home base and continue to define the life I am living here and now....going to pack for a bit.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Good luck with your move. Hope you find a fab place.

Simone said...

Thank you! I just hope I survive the adventures of finding a place ;) - I hope all is well!

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