Thursday, March 10, 2011


Back in my College days I wore a lot of shirts, skirts and dresses that looked like this Balmain top. The ones I wore were usually accompanied by a motorcycle jacket and a pair of  steele toed combat boots that I still mourn, the steele "cage" was on the outsides of the boots but I digress.
Usually my shirts and dresses started out like this - an oversized long sleeved black t-shirt. (Sometimes if the shirt was large enough I cut the bottom off to make a quick mini-skirt and top.)

And a box of safety pins purchased from the 24 hour drug store near my apartment
And a razor blade I brought from the same drug store

and my sewing scissors
In the end the whole outfit (sans jacket and boots) usually cost me well under $10, unlike the $1,600 Balmain Cotton Top with Safety Pins I've shown as reference.

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