Sunday, March 6, 2011

Do Over

Way back when I posted an entry about making a headboard using a Martha Stewart shower curtain, some stretcher bars from Utrecht Art Supply, batting and a staple gun - see below. The bold graphics paired with the hot pink worked but I found it too graphic for me...
This weekend I spent all of 20 minutes recovering the headboard - see below.
I found the fabric ($3.50/yd) at one of my favorite haunts, Fulton Fabrics, 398 Bridge Street. I've posted about them before. They are the last remaining fabric store off the Fulton Street Mall. They carry a lot of upholstery fabrics and some interesting rayon print, perfect for 1940 style dresses, but all of their fabrics are ends, the left overs from previous seasons. To be honest it's either hit or miss but that's part of the fun.

(Ignore the home-made printer's box side table - it's a work in progress - I am still deciding if I should paint it black or antique silver )

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