Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cover Up

100 years ago I found a chair, I dragged it home, cleaned and quickly covered it with some linen from my fabric stash- see below - because I was a little intimidated by the thought of refinishing it in a major way.
Fast forward to this weekend when I decided to take a drastic step and paint and recover it so that it fits in better with the recent redecorating. 
So off came the fabric and muslin and out came the drop cloth, black paint and sponge paint rollers and brush, batting, staple gun, scissors, hammer, tacks and the large piece of hot pink leather I found on the give away pile at work.
I'm going cover a small back pillow with a piece of the fabric I recovered the headboard with.

When I first found the chair I had this fear that if I attempted a major makeover that I would ruin it. I loved its shape and after living with it and using it almost daily I knew I wanted to keep it but in order to do so it would have to be tied in with the new decor. That meant I would have to push pass that fear and just go for it. It wasn't easy. I toyed with just buying a new chair in a color and fabric that was ready to fit in but as I was worked on the chair I had, the chair I loved, I realized that even if I "ruined" it that it would be ok because I had made the choice to try.

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