Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Weekend of Rest

Two weeks ago I found myself in Target on a Thursday night standing in front of the rows and rows of face creams, lotions and potions confused out of my mind.

In past posts I have claimed my love of Oil of Olay, I come from a long line of users, but in recent years the line has expanded beyond my ability to comprehend which item is right for me. And with all those options the line's pricing has increased so that I have no excuse not to move on and experiment.

That evening I finally decided to admit that time is marching on and that I need more than a moisturizer and sun block to fight off its effects. Luckily I am blessed with good genes and my skin is in pretty good shape but as they say "prevention is the best medicine" After reading almost every package in the aisle I decided on -
Garnier Ultra-Lift Daily Targeted Wrinkle Treatment
Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream
I will be honest, I purchased them because they were on sale and because the packaging was small - uhm we all have our own methods of decision making - don't judge!

It's been a week since the purchase. I have used them as directed and though I have no great expectations of the promised vast "improvements" I am surpised with how soft and "firm" my skin feels. Just yesterday a work associate turned to me and asked me if I had a good dermatologist that I could share.

Items available in your local drugstores
(click on title for more info about the Garnier line)

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