Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday's Mental Musings

We talk of peace as if it is so easy to achieve.

We talk and talk and talk and the days turn to years and the years into decades and centuries and still we don't do the one thing we each need to do to usher peace to our doors. We never let go of our egos.

Instead we believe that others are responsible for wars. We trust that discontent is only on the other side of where we live and don't see that pointing out "those people" causes separation and creates the very basic justifications of most wars - invasion.

We believe that the corruption that lives in our neighborhoods and the very institutions we support aren't the issue because they don't affect much.

We neglect to support and give to those in our communities believing that we aren't well off enough to "share" what we "don't" have and that they should know "better".

And when we do "share" we continue to help those far away from our day to day living because we believe they live beneath our standards and we are "privileged" enough to help them live a standard of life we believe they should.

But in my opinion our real crime against peace is that we never put aside our individual egos to see pass our fear of being wrong. 

We hold strong to our national pride, social customs and ethnic traditions in the belief that doing so will guarantee that the "right side" will win and that the peace which materializes will be the peace we wanted.

We never leave room for interdependent living or for a path that will lead to the acceptance of others as they are not as we want them to be so the very idea of peace continues to remain elusive ...sigh..

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