Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's Mental Musings

The other day a facebook friend changed her status to include a rant regarding the rites of an oppressed people taunting those of us privy to it into being "courageous" enough to post it as our status as well. Despite agreeing with the sentiment the bullying of the post infruiated me. I chose to be part of of 94% that did not paste and copy the rant and make it my status message.

I truly believe that each of us should have the same choices and opportunities as the other. I truly believe many of the laws and practices of our land, the US, need to be examined and revised to ensure that we do.

Laws aside, I also believe that changes occur because of personal choices to see and treat others as we want to be treated. S&M tendencies aside if we actually saw those around us not as representatives of their gender, religion, sexuality, income, etc., etc. but as people who want to be love, respected, supported and acknowledged we would think twice about disrespecting them .

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